Purpose of life

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here?

What is the meaning of life? Is it happiness?  or to leave a legacy behind. or to earn a lot of fame and money

We all have to die then how can we conclude why we are alive and if there is a purpose are we working in right direction for it or if there is no purpose we are wasting our time finding one.

Have you asked this question? Yes, Maybe you had in your mind talking to yourself but wait were you happy at that moment? or something had made you sad and depressed?

I asked this question to myself when I was very sad or had just fought with someone what is the meaning of a life with so many problems so many difficulties also it is so unpredictable at times.So I started digging and doing some research in my laboratory called mind with my own thoughts and tried concluding a valid reason to justify the meaning of life quotes from great leaders of the past bumped into my head.Going a little deeper I thought why we are so complicated we create problems ourselves then we try to solve them and spend our whole life doing that.We create pollution and harm to nature first and then we try to solve the problems caused due to that.


I tried listening to many spiritual leaders searched a lot over internet everybody was saying everything was working on the basic principle of “Cause and Effect“so as per that everything is perfect and if we do something there will be a corresponding effect of that but what if we are not doing anything and there is no cause right? So no effect too but then what’s a meaning of such a life will be useless and boring and none of the great innovations will take place


Difficult Question to Answer?


Not really if you try to figure it out for yourself.I did for myself and found that everything is designed so amazingly and perfectly.And my sole purpose is to express myself and help this world and humanity grow in a unique way that I can and everyone else can and when I do this I feel fulfilled I feel happy far more happy than owning an expensive house or driving expensive car or any fame I could have ever received.

Just try to help anyone who is need or just make someone smile without any intention to have something in return you will feel satisfied deep within and connected with the whole creation.

If you are a teacher try once to teach anyone who cannot afford to study try 1 hour a week and you will feel your purpose the deep satisfaction.And each one of us is a teacher we can share years of experience and how no problem is bigger than you

I will leave this question to you can call it your inner calling ,desire or anything doesn’t matter but your expression(Cause) to help the humanity to grow and improve life for other people will lead to your ultimate purpose of life and you will not feel alone or purposeless rather you will feel connected to this creation and everyone(Effect).

Let me know your thoughts in comments!

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